Situational Awareness

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They are hunting you…situational awareness is key to not becoming a victim!

Whether you know it or not, criminals are watching you every single day! You likely live in a world of comfort and relative safety but that world is smaller than you realize. This kind of carefree living and expecting that you are exempt from criminal activity is putting you at disadvantage. I once had a boss who said, “Nothing is important, until its important!”. When someone becomes a victim of crime, they inevitably say they never expected it. That’s because they are in the mindset enabling victimhood. Criminals are adept at finding and preying on these people because they are easy targets. The good news is you can learn how not to become a victim and improve your situational awareness giving you the advantage of a survival mindset.

Be a sheepdog not a sheep!

What does this really mean? Well, sheepdogs guide the flock of sheep and protect them from predators, like the wolf. Sheepdogs are vigilant and aware of their environment and always maintain control of the flock. Their situational awareness is engaged at an optimum level ensuring survival of the flock. In this world you want to be a sheepdog so you can protect your family, friends and yourself! Having good situational awareness doesn’t always come as second nature for everyone. The average person really doesn’t know what they don’t know. Improving your situational awareness will take training and practice but it’s doable and can likely save you from victimhood or worse one day.

Multiple shots fired at a children’s baseball game…what would you do?

On a nice April evening at a youth baseball game in North Charleston SC, approximately 50 to 60 shots were fired in the parking lot. Multiple vehicles were seen entering the parking lot and a large group of teens and young adults began fighting and next thing…shots rang out! It was noticed that something was going on but a number of parents can be heard on the video published asking “are those fireworks” and saying they “didn’t know what to do”. We have seen instances repeated across the country where criminal activity, sometimes violent, can cross the boundaries into our comfortable life where we have no expectation of danger. It happens daily, just watch the news! You can become a situation awareness practitioner and better learn how to protect yourself, your family and your community. Don’t fall into the situation where you wish you had learned something important after the fact. Learn the importance of it now and learn how to better your situational awareness.