Situation Awareness Specialist® Training & Certification

Situation Awareness Specialist® Training & Certification

VGSC is now the exclusive training provider for the Situation Awareness Specialist® certification in South Carolina.

The Situation Awareness Specialist® (SAS) professional certificate program is designed to educate the participant in the craft of situational awareness, thereby helping to create a security awareness practitioner better capable of understanding and dealing with the dynamics of random and potentially threatening events.

Practical Objectives

  • Enable a Mindset Change
  • Become a Practitioner of the Craft
  • Become an Asset to Self and Those Around Us
Situational Awareness

Personal Protection & Defensive Awareness

We also offer a course in Personal Protection and Defensive Awareness that you can provide to your employees as an additional benefit in their security training.

This training is designed to help individuals be personally responsible and knowledgeable on a broad range of topics to keep themselves safe, whether on the job or outside of it.

We believe the more individuals understand and practice good safety measures, the more their places of employment and communities benefit as a result.

Situation Awareness Specialist® Program Outline

Module 1: Intro to situational awareness craft (1 hour)
  • Definition - Situational AwarenessMindset Change
  • Vulnerable vs Capable
  • Psychology of Being Aware
  • Observation (Awareness)
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Improving Observation (Awareness) Skills
  • Practical Travel Planning
Module 2:Understanding threats (1 hour)
  • Definition
  • Common Threats
  • Emergency Action Planning
  • The Human Threat: Human Violence
  • Understanding the Criminal Threat
  • Street Crime
  • Criminal Characteristics
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Pre-Incident Indicators (PII)
Module 3: Criminal characteristics (1 hour)
  • Victim Selection and Characteristics
  • The Grayson/Stein Study
  • Avoiding Victim Selection
  • Physiological and Psychological Responses to Sudden Perceived Threat
  • Maintaining Control
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Tactical Contingency Planning
Module 4: Becoming a practitioner (1 hour)
  • Gray Man Theory
  • Tactical Concepts
  • Tactical Considerations in the Environment
  • Tactical Reaction
  • Applying the Strategies
Module 5: Reacting to a terrorist threat (.5 hour)
  • Understanding Basic Terrorist Threat Characteristics
  • Terrorist Specifics
  • Reaction Summary

This certification also provides SC LEOs with 5 hours of continuing education credit as approved by the SCCJA (course number 6413).

Course fee is $185. Upon completion of this program, including an exam at the conclusion of the session, the participants will have knowledge of the principles of situational awareness and be recognized as a Situation Awareness Specialist® by the Arcuri Group Examiners Panel.

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Introduction to Situational Awareness Program (2-hours)

Situational Awareness Training

For those not ready for an in depth 4-hour certification course, the Introduction to Situational Awareness training program is a live, instructor-led two (2) hour interactive class designed to introduce the student to the craft of situational awareness.

The program is a well-rounded introduction to situational awareness. The course looks at situational awareness from both an internal and external perspective. The goals of the program are many and speak to a number of competencies including but not limited to: decision making and judgement, social competence, adaptability, emotional regulation, and stress tolerance.

Module 1:Introduction to Situational Awareness (.5 Hour)
Module 3:Criminal Characteristics (.5 Hour)
Module 2: Understanding Threats (.5 Hour)
Module 4: Practicing Situational Awareness (.5 Hour)

End of Course Assessment – Test (~45) Online

Situational Awareness Courses For Safety -We Assist You Develop a Personal Safety Plan

With recent events featured in the news, never before has situational awareness been so important. Situational awareness is a way of actively being aware of your surroundings, but it also involves situational awareness training. Situational awareness training takes a good bit of observation, social consciousness, and then a plan to execute at highly stressful times, all of which takes planning.

A good situational awareness training program is focused on giving you the skills to keep your head through highly intense moments and centering on following a plan of operation to move quickly, yet strategically. Situational awareness does take a lot of practice and the instruction of someone experienced and knowledgeable. At Vetus Group, we give you the skills you need to maintain your cool in a crisis as well as guidance about how to act. Contact us today to start your training and be prepared so you are never caught unprepared!

Situational Awareness Training and Personal Safety Skills for Everyone

In today’s world, not paying close attention to your surroundings can be dangerous. With so many active shooting incidents around the nation, never before has situational awareness training been so critical!

At Vetus Group, our focus is on giving you the skills you need not only to maintain a clear head but also so that you have a plan to act if you find yourself in a crisis. Our training is focused on providing you with real-life skills that can translate during an active shooting incident to keep you and the people you love safe. Contact us today to find out how you can better prepare yourself for safety.