Security Training

Security Training

Security Training is A Must for Small Businesses

The biggest mistake that any company can make, regardless of size, is to assume that they are free from any kind of security threat. Every day, all around the nation, thefts and violent acts occur in the most obscure and unusual places. Typically, people aren’t prepared or equipped to handle the situations they face.

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Providing Training Designed to Keep Everyone Safe with Real-Life and Actionable Skills

Our mission is to assist small to mid-sized companies across various industries with training their employees on how to keep everyone safe through real-life skills training.

Through comprehensive and focused training, we provide the appropriate knowledge and tools to enable employees to implement what they have learned in the face of any threat. Training in advance and reinforcing behaviors will help owners and employees to think quickly in various situations for the best outcome possible.


First Step - Evaluate Current Policies and Procedures

Preventing workplace violence starts with identifying gaps or deficiencies in current policies, and then developing a set of standards, regulations, and processes to implement that will facilitate identification of and reduce the risks associated with workplace violence..

Our Prevention Training is Tailored to Suit Your Specific Industry

Our workplace violence prevention training is tailored to suit your specific industry and business model. We don’t offer broad, sweeping, one-size-fits-all solutions; we offer customized, relatable, and actionable steps to ensure that your business and employees are equipped with the right training and knowledge to actively prevent workplace violence.

Prevention Training

Security Training Programs - especially created for you!

In today’s world, things are very uncertain, which is leading to a lot of fear and sensitivity - with good reason. The recent active shooter events have made it critical for people to be armed with the skills they need to protect themselves. But simply Googling “security training near me” is not enough to make sure you and the people you love are safe. Googling “security training near me” is only the first step to finding the best program to learn the skills necessary to keep yourself protected if you should be involved in a violent situation.

After Google “security training near me,” take the time to read online reviews and ratings and investigate the credentials of the instructors. What you will find when you research Vetus Group is that you have the best of the best and the most highly trained teachers in the industry. Sign up for our training course today!