Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Security Vulnerabilities

The biggest mistake that most small companies make is assuming that they are not vulnerable to various types of security threats. The first step to developing an actionable plan is to identify all of your company’s security vulnerabilities, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Large businesses and corporations have full-time resources to ensure safeguards are in place and a large budget to secure the workplace and their data and information.

Security Consulting
Risk Management Process

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with smaller independent companies to evaluate their needs and work within budget to ensure that they can keep employees, customers, and their data secure. Each business has a specific set of security needs and we use our expertise to expose all of those areas that require attention to mitigate risk.


Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Our security consulting service begins by evaluating your current physical infrastructure, data and information management, and policies and procedures to identify areas of risk. We also consider any previous security events to further identify future potentialities.

Once we have completed a full evaluation, our security experts conduct a gap assessment that is targeted to isolate areas where security and cybersecurity protocols can be enhanced and improved. Then, we recommend and assist in implementing mitigations in areas of vulnerability to decrease risk. We ask important questions such as:

Are your organization, personnel, and location prepared for real and physical security liabilities like terrorism, corporate espionage, theft, or workplace violence? For most small businesses, they are real threats that are overlooked or unaddressed in a formal, concrete, and actionable way.

Security Policy Evaluations

Our highly experienced and trained consultants are available to assist in the development of security services and policies tailored to the type of business and associated risks involved.

Then, according to your business’s maturity in security, we can provide comprehensive security programs or tailored individual components, such as pre-employment screening, workplace violence prevention, and access control procedures that will enhance your business security programs.

Security Consultant

Highly Skilled and Professional Security Consultants - we provide complete security programs

Never before has it been more critical in the workplace to have the correct security consulting measures in place to protect everyone. Hiring a security consulting group like Vetus Group is vital, not only to save lives but also to reduce your liability. Whether it is an active shooter situation or workplace violence, it is your responsibility as a business owner to be ready for whatever can happen. A security consultant is your key to preparedness and ensuring the safety of your workplace.

A good security consultant will give you real-time skills and training to handle any workplace violence situation that you might encounter. Security consulting isn’t just about finding the vulnerabilities that you have in the workplace; it is also about giving you relatable skills that will keep your head clear in any scenario, and also the practice necessary to act. The more that you can plan for things like an active shooter incident, the more prepared you will be to move quickly, and correctly, to protect yourself and everyone you employ. In the atmosphere we all face in the workplace today, it is a mistake not to take matters into your own hands by hiring a security consultant, so contact us today!