Firearms Training

Firearms Training

Firearms Training Serving Greater Charleston, SC

Owning and operating a firearm is a huge responsibility that requires practice and skill to operate correctly, without putting yourself and others at risk. At Vetus Group Security Consulting, we believe that a firearm is only as safe as the person operating it.

Our firearms training is focused on providing the required skills to ensure that when met with a threat, our customers are equipped with the necessary emotional and practical experience for a positive outcome. We offer individual and small group firearms training to those who want to learn how to safely and legally protect themselves and their loved ones.

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Firearm Simulator - Realistic, Challenging, and Accurate Training

Our state-of-the-art firearms simulator provides a realistic and effective platform for firearm training. It is the best environment to practice for an upcoming CWP, saving on the cost of training with real ammunition, especially as the cost continues to rise.

We can help prepare customers for personal protection, concealed carry, and Use of Force scenarios. Our simulator provides experience in shoot/don’t shoot scenarios based on real events, reinforcing CWP training and compliance with the laws. .

We can also customize scenarios for business and church congregation security teams, providing the option to train in an immersive and realistic environment by using video footage of actual facilities. Again, our portable system can be used by groups, associations, and corporate team-building events.

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NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Basic Pistol Course

If you have never fired a handgun at all or you want to strengthen your skill training, our NRA Basic Pistol course is an excellent way to gain knowledge and skills using a pistol. The key to being a responsible and safe gun owner is knowing how to operate your firearm.

If you aren’t prepared, skilled, and trained in how to use a firearm, it is easy to become overwhelmed when you need to react with instinct. The more knowledgeable you are about your pistol and the more you practice; the safer everyone is.



A concealed weapon permit allows gun owners to carry firearms concealed under clothing. Our SC CWP program is not only designed to help you obtain your SC Concealed Weapons Permit; it is tailored to ensure that you have the correct knowledge, real-life training, and experience to earn the right to carry such a heavy responsibility.

We go beyond the basic CWP training required and leverage significant experience that provides a more comprehensive understanding of the mental and legal implications of having a CWP and potentially having to use your firearm in self-defense.

Saving Lives by Providing Real-Life Skills

The only way to find the confidence and self-assurance to handle stressful situations is through practice and firsthand knowledge of how to tackle stressful situations with a clear head, a reasonable plan, and the ability to make quick decisions when they count most.

Self Defense

Teaching Tactical Knowledge to Use When It Counts Most

Provide interactive training

Our training isn’t only targeted to protect you and the public from litigation; it is to provide a safer environment at a community level by giving the best hands-on and interactive training in the industry.

Provide tactical knowledge

And then we fine-tune those skills so that if you are ever presented with a situation where you are required to act, you can do so appropriately and with the necessary tactical knowledge.

Firearms Training and CWP Education by a Certified NRA Trainer

With the recent active shooter events around the nation, you might want to consider arming yourself by taking a firearms course. Since owning and operating a firearm is dangerous in and of itself, Googling “firearms training near me” is not enough. The first step might be to Google “firearms training near me,” but then go one step further to make sure you find a credible company like Vetus Group. We not only come up first when you Google “firearms training near me,” but we are also the best.

If you are new to firearms, you should go one step further and Google “firearms training for beginners near me.” Training for beginners will differ from those who have already had some introduction. Again, when you Google “firearms training for beginners near me,” don’t just choose one at will. Go one step further to read online reviews and ratings and investigate a company's instructor quality. At Vetus Group, we have a staff of the most skilled firearms trainers in the industry. We are responsible, experienced, and highly advanced, and we know the best way to teach our students to be prepared in a new world of active shooter threats. Contact us today!