Firearm Training Tips for the Novice

So you’ve made a decision that you want, or need, training in the use of firearms but have never held a firearm. Here are some tips to help guide you along the process and things to consider, in order in my opinion.

Make sure you are making the decision to own a firearm for the right reasons!

Revisit your decision… Firearms are tools and can be dangerous if used improperly and not given the time and effort to understand how they function. You probably had to take driver’s training and pass some kind of exam before being able to drive a vehicle safely right…same thing applies here.

Not all instructors are created equal!

Find a reputable firearms instructor in your area, read their reviews and ask friends for recommendations. Remember these are the individuals who are going to teach you how to handle and shoot a firearm, so their knowledge and experience is critical to your success.

One size does not fit all!

Your friend’s firearm or your spouse’s firearm is theirs and may not be the right fit for you. You should visit a firearm store with a range and shoot several styles and calibers of hand firearms to find the one that fits you. Hand size, strength and the way you intend to carry the firearm are all factors in selecting the right firearm.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

This is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from a self-defense and legal perspective. Making a firearm purchase and even taking a single class to obtain a Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) IS NOT ENOUGH! Join a firearm range or find a local firearm club with a range and make the effort to practice using your firearm.

You should never be done learning!

Practicing with your firearm and learning how to physically operate it is critically important, but just as important is to continue to learn! Laws are always evolving through new statutes or case law from legal proceedings. If you ever have to use your firearm you want to make sure you know the law as well as possible because you may find yourself defending your freedom. Find those instructors who offer continued training on legalities of firearm ownership and what laws of self-defense are and how you can protect yourself legally.Owning and using a firearm is a significant responsibility and cannot be seen as a “one and done” kind of event. Besides the basics of learning how to shoot and the minimum legal training required by states to own and carry a firearm, you are ultimately responsible for what happens with the firearm.I was once in a firearms course and heard another student who was repeating the course for his own comfort level make the most ridiculous statement. He finally decided to exercise his right to carry his firearm concealed as a holder of a CWP. BUT he said he was still so nervous about it that he carried the firearm empty in the holster and had the loaded magazine in another pocket.He may as well been carrying around a carpenter’s hammer because that firearm was no use to him in this situation. He even said that if he was alone he didn’t think he could use it, EVEN TO DEFEND HIS OWN LIFE, but thought he could to save his wife if she was threatened. This is a perfect example of someone who should have never passed Step 1 above.At Vetus Group Security Consulting we can help you navigate all the steps above and many more! Visit our site at and call us to discuss the training you are looking for to protect yourself and your family!