Taking CWP Training to the Next Level

Integrative Defense Strategies Level – 1 Training

As a licensed IDS Affiliate, we instruct using the self-defense system that combines hand-to-hand and firearms defense techniques to help you defend yourself at all distances. We use intensive and innovative training methods to ensure you are prepared for any threat. This system is perfect for new and experienced CWP holders of all skill levels. Come train with us and be a part of a new era in self-defense and firearms training.

Come train with us and learn skills that may save your life one day!

  • Stages of Violent Crime
  • 5 Stages of Deterrence
  • Use of Force Continuum
  • Improved draw from concealment skills and speed
  • Firearm draw and reload while moving
  • Shoot / Don’t Shoot Scenarios
  • Weapon Retention and Grappling Techniques

Train in a safe indoor environment with experienced instructors and using the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol. These pistols are safe, effective, and innovative and were developed by shooters for shooters, to complement, not replace, live fire training. The SIRT training pistol are used by firearm experts across the industry and are a perfect tool to develop the muscle memory and motor skills needed for more in-depth firearm training.

Vetus Group Security Consulting in partnership with Black Force MMA