Active Shooter Training & Planning

Active Shooter Training & Planning

Active Shooter Response

Our Active Shooter Training program is designed to provide owners and employees with a comprehensive understanding of what an active shooter event is and how to best respond. We will cover the basics and illustrate that such an event can occur at a small business.

  • Run Hide Fight Active Shooter TrainingRun
  • Hide TriningHide
  • Fight TrainingFight

A Holistic Approach

Then we discuss the profile and psychology of active shooters and what indicators and triggers that can lead to an act of violence. Next, we discuss how to respond to an active shooter event, what to expect as law enforcement arrives, and what happens after the event.

This training is critical and is supported by policies and procedures of the business. Physical security measures also play a vital role in preventing active shooter events, and a comprehensive security assessment followed by mitigation recommendations are key considerations for business owners.

Active Shooter Survival Training For Individuals, Businesses & Organizations - RUN, HIDE, FIGHT Preparation and practice

With recent events around the nation, never before has it been more critical to be prepared with active shooter training. Run, hide, fight active shooting training is focused on providing you with the skills necessary to act in an active shooter situation. Although people love to think they would know what to do to keep themselves safe, during an intense situation, often we don’t react proactively. Vetus Group’s run, hide, fight active shooter training is designed to give you the real-life skills you need to be prepared and to protect not just yourself, but those you love.

Run, hide, fight active shooter training is a system that prepares you for intense and dangerous situations. It is the most effective type of active shooting training because it gives you real-life and practical steps to take if you find yourself in an active shooting situation. Our skilled, trained, and professional instructors will teach you what you need to be prepared and know exactly how to respond if you should ever be caught in an active shooter situation. When you take our active shooter training course, you can have peace of mind that you will be ready when or if you ever need to be.