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Our Philosophy

We provide businesses and individuals the processes, knowledge, and skills to protect and defend their business, staff, customers, and themselves. Unlike many security consulting firms, we don’t operate by presenting directives pushed down from a large corporation.

We believe in going beyond the classroom and lecture hall by connecting with business owners and individuals on a personal level. We have the frontline experience and can translate that into relatable and practical recommendations. We believe that knowledge is KEY to prevention and that your safety and security are ultimately YOUR responsibility.

Public Safety
About Us

Over 40 Years of Invaluable Public Safety Experience

Throughout our combined 40 years, we have learned invaluable lessons that we want to share to keep everyone safe. We aren’t just here to cover company policy and liability; we are here to save lives by teaching others the skills necessary for positive outcomes.

We also want to make sure that you have the training required to reduce your liability and keep everyone safe. From basic security assessments to active-shooter training, we customize our curriculum to address your needs and concerns as a business owner and individual.

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Our Goal

What We Deliver

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive set of security services to decrease risks to small and mid-size businesses and customized training for individuals.

We understand that every company will have a specific set of needs, and we design our training to ensure that you are getting all the information and skill training necessary to keep your business, staff, and customers safe. We deliver relatable and practical recommendations that are cost-effective to implement.

What We Do

Our Services

Security Consulting

Security Consulting

We work with smaller independent companies to evaluate their needs and work within budget to ensure that they can keep employees, customers, and their data secure.


Security Training

The biggest mistake that any company can make, regardless of size, is to assume that they are free from any kind of security threat.

Fireman Training

Firearms Training

Owning and operating a firearm is a huge responsibility that requires practice and skill to operate correctly, without putting yourself and others at risk.

Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training
& Planning

Our Training program is designed to provide owners and employees with a comprehensive understanding of what an active shooter event is and how to best respond.

Situation Awareness Specialist

Situation Awareness Specialist® Training & Certification

We also offer a course in Personal Protection and Defensive Awareness that you can provide to your employees as an additional benefit in their security training.

Personal Safety

Knowledge is the key to prevention at home, outside the home, or in the workplace. Your safety and security is your responsibility, but you need the correct information and skills training to be properly prepared for any emergency or threat.


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